Daily Programs

Newcomer Curriculum

ELA Skills

Letter Recognition uppercase/lowercase letters

Letter Sounds including long vowels

Writes Letters: uppercase and lowercase

Manipulates Sounds to Read Words

Sight Words

Writes Name: first and last

Basic Concepts of Print

Use common verbs: have, be, do

Form simple subject/verb agreement

Write complete simple sentences correctly


Math Skills

Counts to 120

Writes to 120

Randomly Recognize Numbers within 120

Recognizes basic shapes, colors, sizes

Understand positional words

Addition Facts within 20

Subtraction Facts within 20

Understand place value: Billions to hundredths

Measure and estimate lengths in standard units

Represent and interpret data, picture graphs and bar graphs

Model and solve mathematical problems

Understand Basic Math Vocabulary

Work with time and money

Calendar Skills: days of the week, months of the year, holidays, etc.


Survival and Social Skills

Tell name, age, grade, address, phone number, and birthday

Make Simple Requests: permission to use the restroom

Listen to, understand, and respond to common directions

Understand common school procedures and expectations

Use basic expressions: hello, good-bye, please, thank you, etc.

Express basic emotions

Understand and respond to non-verbal gestures

Recognize and name basic body parts

Name basic articles of clothing

Ask and answer simple questions

Understand simple weather vocabulary

Understand basic family relationships in American culture

Identify common American foods, meals, and menu items