P.R.I.D.E. Side News

Come to the...
R.   Respect
I.     Integrity
D.   Dignity
E.   Excellence


It's a positive incentive program
unique to KHMS,
based on
academics and citizenship.

Rewarding Positive Behavior is a KH tradition.
View the updated PowerPoint (AWARD icon) for more information.

One funding source for our PRIDE Side activities is BOX TOPS for Education.  You can drop off your box tops in the front lobby in the box on the left wall. 
Box Tops Cut
You can also go to BTFE.com for more ways to make the box tops you gather count for more money for our school.  Thank you for your support of our students!

Questions? Watch our PowerPoint

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Upcoming Deadlines

First Quarter Grade Cut Off:

October 3, 2018
All NHI's in grade book need to be handed in
by the end of the day.