Let's Avoid Bullying/Harassment

Students are being encouraged to report any incident of bullying to a counselor. bullying may be any gesture, written, verbal, or physical act where the perpetrator demonstrates an intent to harm by engaging in repeated conduct that physically harms a student or damages a student's property; places a student in reasonable fear of physical harm or insults or demeans any student or group of student. Look for these signs at home or in the classroom:

  • Often misses school or is "too sick" to go
  • Has temper tantrums or emotional outbursts
  • Experiences a slip in grades
  • Starts acting despondent or cries easily
  • Seems anxious about riding the bus
  • Has unexplained bruises
  • Becomes reluctant to talk about school
  • Asks for rides or escorts to school
  • Is missing items, including lost lunch money


  • Don't ignore the warning signs
  • Ask your child to tell you what is going on
  • Respond in a positive and accepting manner
  • Don't encourage them to fight back, remind them to seek help from an adult
  • Encourage your child to stick with friends. Bullies are less likely to pick on a child in a group.