At Kenneth Henderson Middle School, students are encouraged to report any incident of bullying to an adult, including counselors, teachers, parents, and administration. Bullying may be any gesture, written, verbal, or physical act where the perpetrator demonstrates an intent to harm by engaging in intentional, severe, persistent, or pervasive conduct that physically harms a student or damages a student's property; places a student in reasonable fear of physical harm or insults or demeans any student or group of student. Look for these signs at home or in the classroom and report to a counselor or administrator if you suspect your child is being bullied:

  • Often misses school or is "too sick" to go
  • Has temper tantrums or emotional outbursts
  • Experiences a slip in grades
  • Starts acting despondent or cries easily
  • Seems anxious about riding the bus
  • Has unexplained bruises
  • Becomes reluctant to talk about school
  • Asks for rides or escorts to school
  • Is missing items, including lost lunch money

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