Social Emotional Lessons

The following handout, "Using Social Emotional Learning in Times of Stress," was created by Hull Services, a leading provider in Children's mental health services. This resource guides parents in providing social emotional learning in the midst of the Coronavirus.

Using Social Emotional Learning in Times of Stress

In recognition of the need for evidence-based, universal, trauma-responsive practices that support the complete physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of children, youth, staff, and caregivers, the TASN School Mental Health Initiative has partnered with Little Flower Yoga to provide a series of online videos introducing practices that: a) can be instructionally embedded, and b) are accessible to all.

Mindfulness + School-Based Yoga Tools

The Social Emotional Lessons (SEL) listed below were created by Evolution Labs Suite360. Evolution Labs Suite360 is a digital character development and behavior intervention program for schools. The content offers programs for students and parents as well as professional development for teachers, administrators, and support staff. Programs provide social-emotional learning and behavior intervention in a way that accommodates staff constraints as well as limited instructional time. Please click on the links to be redirected to a lesson.

Bullying Prevention

What Kids Have to Say About Bullying and How to End It

How to Deal with Bullying: Becoming a better Bystander

Bystander or Upstander: The Power of Action

Be Against Bullying

Posting is Forever

Drugs and Alcohol

How to Say No to Drugs and Alcohol

The Dangers of Vaping, Juuling and E-Cigarettes


Mental Health

Understanding the Potential Signs of Depression

Stranger Danger: Not Just for Little Kids

Short Term Consequences

The Consequences of Cheating and Plagiarism

What is Theft in School?