Dawni Lunzmann

Hello My Name Is...

Dawni Lunzmann
School Phone:  620.805.8536
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About me...

    I have taught seventh and eighth grade students at KHMS since 1992.  I have helped students learn to love reading, improve their writing and math skills and discover interesting new insights into history and science.  I use electronic technology as much as possible in my classroom.

    I have a husband who is an amazing leader, trainer, and writer. I have a son who loves music and computers.

    I love to read; I love a wide variety of music; and I love to volunteer at church. Just don't ask me about sports... I'm clueless.

What is a Newcomer?

  That's easy.  It is a student who has never attended school in the United States.  I have had students from several countries in my classroom including Burma (Myanmar), El Salvador, Eritrea, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Somalia, Thailand, Uganda, and Vietnam.

   The variety of cultures and languages adds interest and creativity to our classroom.

   Our focus is on learning to speak, read, write and listen to English.  We also learn U.S. holidays and traditions, as well as sharing the traditions and holidays of the students.  We practice appropriate cultural behavior and teacher expectations in U.S. schools.

    If a student has no previous school experience we also learn basic math and reading skills.