Mr. Kenneth Henderson

Kenneth Henderson Junior High School . . .

. . . a new beginning.

Kenneth Henderson was a man whose first love was teaching.  It is in gratitude for this love and in honor of his service to education that Kenneth Henderson Junior High School is dedicated. 

It is fitting that we honor the career of one of this district's finest educators by giving this fine, new facility his name.  It is hoped that Kenneth Henderson, the man, and Kenneth Henderson, the building, will have much in common.  As this school follows the philosophy and the principles of the man for who it is named, it promises a bright future for all those who will come here to teach and to learn.

Mr. Henderson was an active member of the education profession for forty-one years. During twenty-one years of teaching in Garden City, his efforts were largely responsible for the strong vocational-agriculture program in our district.  Throughout his career, Mr. Henderson had two goals - to serve youth and to serve his community.  These goals form worthy guidelines for this new school.

As a member of several civic organizations and as a leader in his professional organization, Mr. Henderson demonstrated his enthusiasm for the community in which he lived as well as for the classrooms in which he taught.  Kenneth Henderson Junior High School, while modeling after his example, will be come and active, enthusiastic segment of the Garden City community.

Mr. Henderson's life was marked by his willingness to accept challenges.  He worked to improve the vocational-agriculture program, to win a state track title and, after his retirement from teaching, to begin a career in banking.  Meeting challenges as Mr. Henderson met them will be an important part of Kenneth Henderson Junior High School.

Today we dedicate a merger of the man and of the school which bears his name.  As Kenneth Henderson displayed the unique qualities which brought him this honor, so may Kenneth Henderson Junior High School carry on these qualities in its service to this community and its youth.

(Read at the opening ceremony in 1975)


Kenneth Henderson